Морская пехота Бразилии


To conduct ground operations in naval campaigns, as well as to guard and to secure facilities according to the navy interests and to provide its own logistic support.


The Commandant of the Brazilian Marines is Admiral (Marine) CARLOS Augusto Costa since November 1998. Positions held during his career:

  • Tactical Development Group Coordinator for the FMF
  • Commander of the Almirante Sylvio de Carmargo Instruction Center

He has had typical Marine Corps Command and Staff assignments.

Issues of Primary Concern

Increase the Brazilian Navy's capacity of projecting power on land and sustain the amphibious and expeditionary character of the force, even under budgetary restraints. Develop our own amphibious tactics and skills, within the limitations imposed by the National Power.

Organization and Capabilities

The Brazilian Marines have approximately 15,697 (without the Navy complement) personnel divided among the Operating Forces, Support Organizations and Training Units. The Operating Forces are divided into the Fleet Marine Force and Regional Detachments. The Fleet Marine Force is divided into the Marine Division, Landing Force Command, Reinforcement Troop, a Special Operations Battalion and the Rio Meriti Marine Base. The Marine Division is made up of seven battalion size elements (3 x infantry, 1 x artillery, 1 x armored, 1 x command and 1 x tactical air control) and the Ilha do Governador Marine Base. The Reinforcement Troop is made up of three battalion sized elements (1 x Engineer, 1 x Logistics and 1 x Assault Amphibian), a Landing Support Company, a Military Police Company and the Ilha das Flores Marine Base.

Weapons and Equipment

Organic fire support is provided by a wide variety of infantry and artillery weapons. The Brazilian Marines operate several types of light tanks and armored transports, including U.S. manufactured AAV-7. The Brazilian Navy has several LPD/LST vessels in operation, helicopter transports and fixed wing A-4 Skyhawk aircraft.

2002 year