Infanteria de Marina (Venezuela)


To train for and conduct amphibious operations; conduct special operations, protect the environment; and assist in national civic development.


The Commandant of the Venezuelan Marine Corps is Rear Admiral Jose Alberto MARQUEZ Pinedo. He assumed command in May of 2002. His previous assignments have included:

  • Commander of the Venezuelan Riverine Command
  • Commander, Artillery Battery
  • Instructor, Venezuelan Naval Academy
  • Student: US Marine Corps Command and Staff College
  • Various command and staff assignments

Issues of Primary Concern

Enhance the amphibious and riverine abilities of the Venezuelan Marine Corps to better serve and protect Venezuela. Improve the equipment in use by the Venezuelan Marine Corps.

Organization and Capabilities

The Venezuelan Marine Corps consists of approximately 7,000 personnel. They are organized into a headquarters, 2 infantry brigades, an artillery group, a riverine brigade, an engineer brigade, a communications battalion, a special forces company, and the normal associated support units. Like the majority of Latin American Marine Corps, are a component of the Navy.

Weapons and Equipment

The standard issue infantry weapon is the FAL. Small units possess 60mm mortars, light machine guns, and AT-4 munitions. The 81mm mortar and 105mm howitzer is also used. Brazilian and US made amtracks are in use, as are a variety of smaller LST type vessels.

2002 year