Cuerpo de Fusileros Navales


To provide and maintain surveillance and control of territorial waters, assist in the maintenance of internal security and public order, and assist in operations carried out for the welfare of the population.


The Commandant is Captain Pablo Alvarez (0-6 equivalent). Little is known about his career other than his having held the billet of the Executive Officer of the Marine Battalion.

Front Burner Issue

Uruguay seeks Subject Matter Expert Exchanges and combined operational training opportunities with the USMC.

Organization and Capabilities

The Uruguayan Marine Battalion has 500 men in seven companies (four infantry, one combat support, one training, and one services). The combat support company is composed of a machinegun section, mortar section, ATGM section, reconnaissance section and assault boats section.

Weapons and Equipment

The Uruguayan Marine Battalion is a light infantry force with organic fire support provided by 81mm mortars. The Uruguayan Navy operates two locally built LCVPs and three LCMs.

2002 year