Infanteria de Marina (Spain)


To carry out military actions ashore from the sea. Specifically, to provide the Landing Forces required to execute not only Amphibious Operations, but also any operations related to Naval Campaigns.

Secondary missions:

  • Provide Ship's Detachments as necessary.
  • Provide security to Naval Facilities.
  • Define and develop naval and joint amphibious doctrine, procedures and equipment for the force and to indoctrinate, instruct, and train personnel to successfully execute the developed doctrine and procedures.
  • Advise Naval Force Support Agencies about Spanish Marine Corps issues

Organizational Structure

The Spanish Marine Corps consists of approximately 6000 highly trained personnel who are formed into the following three main elements:

  • Marine Headquarters
  • Marine Force
  • Marine Force Support

Comandancia General (Marine Headquarters)

The SPMC Commandant (COMGEIM) exercises administrative command over all Marine units and is responsible for their combat and logistical readiness. The COMGEIM is supported by his Staff (Comandancia General) that advises, plans, disseminates, controls, and analyzes issues oriented to the tactical and logistical readiness of the SPMC.

SPMC Force

The Force is structured as follows:

  • Fleet Marine Force
    • Fulfills the main mission of the Corps
    • Historical name of TERCIO ARMADA
    • Consists of the Marine Brigade (BRTMAR) and the Base Unit.
  • Naval Zones Security Units
  • Ship's Detachments
  • Royal Guard Unit

Marine Force Support

Force Support is responsible for providing personnel, logistical, and fiscal support to the force. In addition, Marine Force Support assigns personnel to the following training and doctrine units:

  • Marine School (EfM)
  • Basic Training School (ESFORTTM)
  • Training Range "Sierra del Retin" (CASR)

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