PARAGUAY Comando Infanteria de Marina


To conduct internal security, defend inland waterways, perform counter smuggling operations, and provide border security. An implied mission is to conduct riverine operations.


The Commander of the Naval Infantry is Captain Miguel CABALLERO Delia Loggia (0-6 equivalent) since January 2001. Capt Caballero has served as:

  • Head of Naval Intelligence
  • Naval Attache to Uruguay

Front Burner Issue

Capt Caballero may seek continued USMC support for riverine training and equipment.

Organization and Capabilities

The Paraguayan Marine Corps has 900 personnel organized into three battalions. The Prefecture General Naval (harbor police force) is considered a fourth battalion. The Paraguayan Marines train annually with the Small Craft Company from П MEF. They also receive riverine training teams.

Weapons and Equipment

They are a light infantry unit. Organic fire support is provided by 107mm mortars. They do not have armor, artillery, or engineer support units.

2002 year