Mexican Naval Infantry
Cuerpo de Infanteria de Marina


To provide elite rapid intervention capability (airborne battalion), amphibious landing, and security/rapid reaction force when called upon. The Naval Infantry has also been tasked to conduct counterdrug and contraband operations. The Naval Infantry possesses a Special Operations capability and stands ready to deploy aboard Naval shipping or land based operations.

Command Relationships and Subordination

The Naval Infantry is a part of the Mexican Navy. Naval Infantry units, therefore, are subordinate within the Gulf/Caribbean Naval Force and the Pacific Naval Force areas of operations.

Size and Organization

The Naval Infantry total force is estimated at 5,000 personnel. The Mexican Naval Infantry is reorganizing, a process that began at least 2 years ago. In the past, the Naval Infantry existed as a combination of "groups," battalions, companies, and detachments, generally under the local naval command. The total strength amounted to about 35 company-sized units. Today, there is a Marine (Naval Infantry) battalion assigned to the Presidential Guard in Mexico City, a Naval Infantry Parachute/Special Operations Brigade and the Naval Infantry Headquarters also exist in Mexico City. A Naval Infantry Brigade is associated with each Force level command (Gulf and Pacific).

Major Equipment

The Mexican Naval Infantry is equipped with a diverse and mostly obsolescent weapons inventory. This includes VAP-3550 amphibious vehicles; M40A1 106-mm recoilless rifles; Soltam 60-mm and 81-mm mortars; M56 105-mm pack howitzers; ОТО Melara 105-mm howitzers; and Bofors 40-mm AAG mounted on M35 REO trucks. Small arms include 7.62mm G3 rifles, 5.56-mm AR-15/M-16 rifles, 1911A1 pistols and Israeli Galil rifles.


All Naval Infantry Officers undergo initial training at the Naval Academy located in Vera Cruz. From there they proceed to the Naval Infantry School located just outside of Campeche. Special Operations training exists in Puerto Madero, Chiapas with the initial parachute training residing with the Parachute Brigade in Mexico City. Naval Infantry units receive numerous hours of on-the-job training.

Basing and Locations

Naval Infantry Brigade HQ,
Manzanillo Naval Infantry Brigade HQ,
Tampico Presidential Security Guard, Mexico City

Recent Operations

The Mexican Naval Infantry saw limited operations against the Zapatista National Liberation Army in Chiapas Province. After 9/11 the Naval Infantry saw itself deployed to protect what the government saw as vulnerable infrastructure (GOPLATS/Power facilities)

2002 year

Upon reorganization, in accordance with a new operational concept, marine infantry units were deployed to perform special functions within the framework of Mexican Navy.

Fast response units deployed in littoral regions of Mexico are as follows: amphibian battalions of marine infantry, marine artillery battalions, marine amphibious assault battalions, and service battalions.

2 marine infantry battalions, 1 president guard battalion, and 1 parachute battalion are based in the capital of Mexico.

3 or 4 marine infantry units are intended to safeguard strategic installations.

There are also Special Forces groups.