The Givati Brigade


The Givati Brigade (Hebrew: חֲטִיבַת גִּבְעָתִי) functions as the amphibious force and is one of the infantry brigades in the Israel Defense Forces. Givati soldiers are designated by purple berets. The Brigade's symbol is the fox, alluding to Shualei Shimshon (שועלי שמשון, lit. Samson's Foxes), a unit in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War[edit] Units


  • 51st "HaBokim HaRishonim" Infantry Battalion was transferred to the Golani Brigade in 1956
  • 424th "Shaked"/"Almond" Infantry Battalion
  • 432nd "Tzabar"/"Cactus" Infantry Battalion
  • 435th "Rotem"/"Furze" Infantry Battalion
  • 846th "Shualey Shimshon"/"Samson's Foxes" Special Troops Battalion
  • "Dikla"/"Palm" Anti-Tank Company
  • "Dolev"/"Plane tree" Engineer Company
  • "Shualey Shimshon"/"Samson's Foxes" Reconnaissance Company
  • "Maor"/"source of light" [1] Signal Company