ECUADOR Cuerpo de Infanteria de Marina


The mission is to conduct small unit raids, strike operations, and ambushes. Additional missions include unconventional warfare, police operations, hydrographic and land reconnaissance, and underwater demolitions.


The Commandant is Captain Angel Alejandro VALENCIA Vallejo (0-6 equivalent), since Sept 2001. Captain Valencia's international training includes infantry training at Ft. Bragg, The Basic School and IOC at Quantico. Captain Valencia's career has alternated between special operations training or command, with intervals in other highly respected postings to include:

  • Joint Command
  • Aide-de-Camp to the President of Ecuador
  • Naval Attache, Rome
  • Director of Naval Intelligence

Organization and Capabilities

The Ecuadorian Marines have approximately 1,500 personnel. They are organized into a single brigade consisting of one special operations battalion, one support battalion, one security battalion, and one depot and school battalion. The Ecuadorian Marines participate in the annual UNITAS exercise.

Weapons and Equipment

They are primarily a light infantry force and do not operate heavy equipment or weapons. Infantry support weapons include 81mm mortars and 106mm recoilless rifles. The Ecuadorian Navy has one World War II vintage LST.

2002 year