Морская пехота Украины


The mission of the Ukrainian Naval Infantry is to conduct independent amphibious landings, joint amphibious landings together with units of the Army, participate in peacekeeping operations and other MOOTW, participate in antiterrorist actions, secure and defend naval bases, islands, straits zones, littoral zones, ports, airfields and other important objectives.


The Commander of the lst Naval Infantry Brigade is Colonel Yuriy Ivanovich Illyin since 1998. Positions held during his career include:

  • Directorate of Coastal Troops of the Black Sea Fleet
  • Commander of 1st Marine Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy
  • Chief of Marine Department, Ukrainian Navy Headquarters

Organization and Capabilities

The Ukrainian Naval Infantry is comprised of approximately 2000 marines formed into 2 battalions with a 120mm mortar battery, anti-tank guided missile battery, and an air defense battery, as well as combat service support and service support units. Each battalion has a company with an airborne capability, a BTR equipped company, a reconnaissance platoon with a mountain warfare capability. The service support units include an engineer company, which is equipped with small boats and has an underwater demolitions capability. Other units include a communications company, a medical company, a reconnaissance company and a logistics company.

Weapons and Equipment

The primary maneuver element is equipped with BTR-80s, 120mm mortars, ATGM "Fagot" (Bassun), 12.7mm heavy machine guns.

2002 year