Морская пехота Турции


The history of Turkish Marine Brigade, which is under the command of Turkish Amphibious Group, started with the formation of 1st Marine Battalion in the Garrison of Golcuk, in 1968. Subsequently, it was followed by the 2nd Marine Battalion in 1973 and the 3rd Marine Battalion in 1974. With the formation of Amphibious Support Battalion in 1979, Marines has been constituted in the level of Regiment.
Turkish Marines had the honor of taking the first footstep in the landing, during the Cyprus Peace Keeping Operation in 1974, and were very successful in keeping the control of beach head, which had an important effect over the success of Turkish Armed Forces. Turkish Marine Regiment also joined in the 2nd Peace Keeping Operation and succeeded in the combats of Lapta-Karava and forward operation of Yilmazk6y. With it's success and service in the Cyprus Peace Keeping Operation, the Marine Regiment rewarded with the Gold Medal of Courage by the Commander of Turkish General Staff.
After serving 9 more months at the end of Cyprus Peace Keeping Operation, Turkish Marine Regiment moved to Izmir in April 1975. After staying in this base for 6 years, it moved to Foca , the homebase of Turkish Marines today.
Turkish Marine Regiment reformed as the Marine Brigade in October 26,1994, and was given the Brigade Flag by the Commander of Turkish General Staff.
A Special Marine Battalion formed and served in the Internal Security Operations, with the Armed and Gendarmarine Forces, in the Southeast of Turkey, between the years of 1993-2001.
In March 1997, Turkey made a decision to join in the Multinational Force which had the purpose of instituting constitutional order with the goverment authority and safe transportation of the humanitarian aids in Albania.
Turkish Special Task Force has been awarded a Medal for being the most disciplined and distinguised unit among the other participated coutries. After the constitutional order turned back to normal in Albania, Marines came back to their homebase in August 1997, without any incident. A Marine Company belongs to Turkish Logistic Support Group and is still serving in Albania to provide logistic support to the reconstruction of the Pasha Harbor and The Naval College.