Морская пехота Сальвадора


To conduct combat operations on the coast and to conduct search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, protection of the environment, and counter-drug operations.


The Chief of Staff of the Navy is Captain Jose VANEGAS Fonseca (0-6 equivalent) since March 2000. Capt Vanegas has:

  • Has had typical command and staff assignments
  • Served in combat as an enlisted Army soldier in an airborne unit and was wounded
  • Completed U.S. Army Basic Infantry Course at Fort Benning, GA
  • Completed the U.S. Naval Staff College Course at Newport, RI

Front Burner Issue

The Marine company will grow to a full battalion. The Salvadoran Marines may ask for Subject Matter Expert Exchanges and other training assistance from the USMC.

Organization and Capabilities

The Marine company has 145 men in a five-man headquarters element, 3 x thirty-one man rifle platoons, and one weapons platoon. The company is light infantry, with no true amphibious, riverine, or special operations capabilities. It lacks modern firepower, mobility, and C3I capabilities.

Weapons and Equipment

The Marines operate four Piranha class patrol boats which provide sufficient lift for riverine operations. The El Salvadoran Navy's amphibious capability is Boston Whalers, a single LCM, and Rigid Inflatable Boats.

2002 year