Морская пехота Индонезии


The mission is to prepare and to maintain the strength, readiness and capability of the marine force as an amphibious landing force of the navy for projecting forces from the sea onto land and conduct other tasks, based on the policy of the Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces.


The Commandant of the Indonesian Marines is Major General Harry Triono since December 1999. Positions held during his career:

  • Platoon Commander, Company Commander, Battalion Commander.
  • Naval Academy, DS.
  • CO of 1 Infantry Brigade.
  • Chief of Staff, IMC.
Has had typical command and staff assignments.


Issues of Primary Concern

As a part of TNI, IMC is conducting the internal reformation which has two fundamental changes, namely: focus to defense role, and does not involve anymore in day-to-day politics.
IМС is involving in some security operations in some trouble areas such as in Aceh, Ambon, and West Papua.
IМС want to be involved in some cooperation programs of education and training with USMC and other marines.

Organization and Capabilities

The Indonesian Marine Corps has approximately 15,000 personnel formed into Marine Headquarters, one division, one brigade, one training command, one anti terrorist detachment, two marine base commands, one marine hospital, six naval base defense battalions.

Weapons and Equipment

IMC has several amphibious tanks and personnel carriers PT-76, AMX-10, BVP-2 and BTR-50; field artilleries How 122 and 105 mm, and 81 mm and 60 mm mortars.

2002 year