Морская пехота Финляндии


Nyland Brigade is, since 1998, a part of the Finnish Navy and responsible for training the Finish Navy's Coastal units, the war-time Coastal Jaeger Battalions, Coastal-infantry Battalions, towed Coastal Artillery Battalions and Engineer units for a coastal environment. The task include conscript training and refresher training. Other tasks are related to maintaining a readiness for mobilization.

Nyland Brigade is also taking part in the co-operation with the Swedish Amphibious Forces with the aim to establish a Swedish-Finnish Amphibious Task Unit by the year 2006.

The training language in Nyland Brigade is Swedish, although the command language is Finnish. The main part of the conscripts in the Brigade come from the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland.


Nyland Brigade is directly subordinated under the C-in-C of the Navy, Rear Admiral Hans Holmstrom.

Issues of Primary Concern

According to the Report on Security and Defense Policy given 2001 from the Council of State to the Finnish Parliament the development of the Finnish Navy will continue towards a mobile naval defense, based on both Naval Units and Coastal Units. Nyland Brigade plays a vital role in this development. The tasks include many new challenges regarding new material, tactics and reorganization for all personnel. The tasks include a downsizing of the Coastal Artillery training and a focusing on the development of Coastal Missile Units.

Organization and Capabilities

Nyland Brigade is a peace-time training center, responsible for producing (i.e. training and equipping) the war-time units (Coastal Jaeger Battalions, Coastal-Infantry Battalions, towed Coastal Artillery Battalions and Engineer units for a coastal environment). The Brigade's peace-time strength is approximately 200 personnel (90 military and 110 civilian) and approximately 1000 conscripts at a time. The conscript intake is 725 every six months. The conscripts serve either 6,9 or 12 months, depending on their training and are being trained in their war-time composition. The Brigade is organized in two peace-time Battalions (training units); a Coastal Jaegar Battalion and a Coastal Artillery Battalion and an NCO school.

Weapons and Equipment

The Coastal Jaegar Battalions and the Coastal Infantry Battalions organic fire support is provided by 120mm mortars, 81mm mortars and 112mm recoilless rifles. The Coastal Artillery Battalion is equipped with 130mm canons. The Coastal Jaeger Battalion is equipped with Assault Landing Craft "Jurmo" and fast "G"-boats, the Coastal Infantry Battalion with Sisu XA-180 Armored Personnel Carriers. The Engineer Units are equipped with Sisu RA-140 DS Mine Clearing vehicles. Nyland Brigade will start training Coastal Missile forces in 2005.

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