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Waqas Pakistan sales@blackfriarsintl.com http://www.blackfriarsintl.com
We are manufacturers and exporters all kind of Masonic regalia , all sort of Uniform, Accoutrements and Hand Embroidered bullion badges & Machine Embroidered Badges especially, Blazer emblems, Banners" Flags/banners, Tassels, Fringes, Sash Baldric
Muhammad Islam Khokhar Pakistan tekverxintl@gmail.com
Manufacturer of all kind of Hand Embroidered Blazer Badges, Machine Embroidered Badges, Logos, Chevrons, Shoulder Boards, Eppaulettes, Pennants, Banners, Flags, Metal Badges, Belt Buckles, Uniform Buttons, Whistles, Shoulder Cords, Citation Cords etc
Ozkan KAYA TURKEY captain.kaya@gmail.com
Zeeshan Butt Pakistan embroiderybadges08@gmail.com http://www.ameenhandicraft.com
AMEEN HANDICRAFT INTERNATIONAL (Manufacturers & exporters of Embroidery Badges uniforms & Uniforms accessories and Field Marshall Batons) The company was established in 1970. Currently, the company specializes in producing variety of Hand Embroidery
Nisha Butt Neka Pura, 11/76 ducati@ducatiinternational.com http://www.ducatisports.com
Good Day, We are ISO, Fair trade, SCCI and FBR certified Manufacturers and Exporters of Work Wear: Work Jacket,Work Trouser, Overall (Dungaree), Denim Men Jeans Trouser, Business Shirts, Fireproof / Fleece jacket, women's blouse, corporate wear,and man
Zeeshan butt Pakistan info@ameenhandicraft.com http://www.ameenhandicraft.com
I am Zeeshan Butt Manufacturer all types badges, patches, uniforms and many more items which clints need. low prices and high quality work
aqeel pakistan embmughal611@gmail.com http://www
Massimo Agati Italy massimo.agati@icloud.com
Collector of submariners' badges of all over the world navies. Trade with Italian navy badges, new and obsolete, and many other navies submarine badges
Qasim Mehmood Pakistan sales@uniformbadgesaccessories.com
NIKOLAOS PALIOUSIS TELAMONOS npalious@yahoo.gr http://qaz1ws1
NIKOLAOS PALIOUSIS TELAMONOS npalious@yahoo.gr http://qaz1ws1
Len Feldwick Ireland nlfeldwick@gmail.com
faiz rabbani pakistan frbhatti@cyber.net.pk http://www.colourembroidery.biz
M.Nasir Sharif Pakistan info@tnfimpex.com http://www.tnfimpex.com
Manufacturer and Exporter of hand embroidery badges, shoulders, collars, banners, lanyards, aiguillettes, straps, sword knot, slings Sword, Braids, Frills, etc and all kinds of uniform accessories.
David Tian China david@evergreenbadges.com http://www.evergreenbadges.com
A maker to Embroidered badges, chenille patches, epaulettes and woven / sulimation dye badge
Witold Pol Poland witpol@hotmail.com http://kleinbahn.slaskdatacenter.pl/witold/
Collector of cap badges with National Emblem elements. Wellcome to exchange
Slamat Ali Pakistan Slamat@burhanimpex.com http://www.burhanimpex.com
Hand embroidered badges,Gloves of all sorts
zahid bajwa pakistan info@blackbravo.com http://www.blackbravo.com
Manufacturer and Exporter of hand embroidery badges, shoulders, collars, banners, lanyards, aiguillettes, straps, sword knot, slings Sword, Braids, Frills, etc and all kinds of uniform accessories.
Tesland Group Pakistan info@teslandgroup.com http://www.teslandgroup.com
Caps Badges
Tesland Group Pakistan info@teslandgroup.com http://www.teslandgroup.com
Embroidery Badges
Len Feldwick Ireland nlfeldwick@gmail.com
Manuel Leyva Germany manuel.leyva[at]t-online[dot]de http://www.cuba-militaria.org
All militaria of the socialist Cuba. I'm collecting and search for new items. Write me!
Len Feldwick IRELAND nlfeldwick@gmail.com
Collect all metal SF badges
Bob Shoemaker USA boshoe7@yahoo.com http://yahoo.com
Sergey Ukraine snsergeyk@gmail.com http://_
I can offer hat badges, badges,patches from all over the world specially strong in Ukrainian ones
Caherine China 13924981925@163.com http://www.yingfong.com/
I am a maker of embroidey patch and metal
RODNEY NEVES SOUTH AFRICA rodney.neves@yahoo.co.uk
I collect submarine badges
JAIME CARDENAS CHILE jaimeexploraventura@gmail.com http://www.clubimrva.cl
club im reserve chilean marine
GABRIEL J, OSORIO M. COLOMBIA gabosoriomer@gmail.com http://http:www.armananaciona.com
Darryl Kershner Via Pisanelli 137 freemancassidy@t-online.de http://Shelli Meeson
Rory Newling Via Piccinni 120 myralyke@freenet.de http://Kari Dibdin
Ernestine Balog Hochstrasse 73 trentjury@gmail.com http://James Myer
Kendra Whiddon 2237 Hastings Street margenehayward@gawab.com http://Hildegard Blankinship
Alex Mil Russia admin@soviet-power.com http://www.soviet-power.com
Collecting and selling military badges, patches and other surplus from USSR and Russia
Conrad R Cockcroft South Africa conrad.jenny@mweb.co.za
antok47 Indonesia antok47.ak@gmail.com
Сергей Россия artmak2015@yandex.ru
ORO Enterprises Sialkot Pakistan info@oro-ent.com http://www.oro-ent.com
Manufacturer and Exporter of hand embroidery badges, shoulders, collars, banners, lanyards, aiguillettes, straps, sword knot, slings Sword, Braids, Frills, etc and all kinds of uniform accessories.
Ghulam Hussain ORO Enterprises info@oro-ent.com http://www.oro-ent.com
Manufacturer and Exporter of hand embroidery badges, shoulders, collars, banners, lanyards, aiguillettes, straps, sword knot, slings Sword, Braids, Frills, etc and all kinds of uniform accessories.
Andrew Pervakov pervakov.andrei@mail.ru http://https://www.facebook.com/pervakov.andrei
I collect caps, patches, customs and police the world. I collect Berets Special Forces around the world.
Shabbir Ahmad info@lalaemb.com
Chong Heup Lee South Korea. jhn@jeihyun.com http://www.jeihyun.com
Military Uniforms with POlice Equipments with the Metal Army Badges & Embroidery Patches. Pls contact us with your details, the best prics to be quoted you.
Егор Ветер Россия evgeniysarychev@mail.ru http://ok.ru/group/53109420654694
Военная атрибутика Спецназа и разведки.
Ермилин Алексей Россия patchcollectors@bk.ru http://www.patchcollectors.ru
Нарукавные нашивки спецподразделений мира
Алябышев Александр Россия aleksandralyabyshev@rambler.ru
airborne berets
Golandec Ukraine samoylenko.vitaly@gmail.com http://para-bellum.info
Juan Gutierrez COLOMBIA guti1104@hotmail.com
I am a collector of submarine badges of the world and I can get any kind of insignia for collectors of Colombia.
Rizwan Anjum Pakistan info@fruitionint.com http://www.fruitionint.com
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of All Kinds of Hand OR Machine Embroidery Patches
Tony Reyes USA reyesjuant@aol.com
Collect metal parachutist insignia (when available) and related metal badges (Rigger, Freefall, Seal, Comdo. etc.), from countries around the world
GENERAL MAJOR ALGERIA KAMEL16DZ@hotmail.com http://www.mdn.dz/
GENERAL MAJOR ALGERIA KAMEL16DZ@hotmail.com http://www.mdn.dz/
Michael (Mike) Alt USA shoot17hmr@gmail.com
Collect any South American DEA or Jungle Special Operations patches and badges
Michael (Mike) Alt USA shoot17hmr@gmail.com
Andrey Sakhartsev Belarus Postaas@mail.ru
Looking for cap badges in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia and Oceania. Offered for exchange cap badges, badges, uniforms and other army, police Belarus.
Muhammad Naveed Pakistan surenice@brain.net.pk http://www.surenicetarder.com
Dear Sir, Greetings, We are taking liberty to introduce you our selves as one of the most experienced Manufacturer/Supplier of 1 — Law enforcement, army, security gloves and uniform accessories. All our products are CE marking with certificates. We
Nazir Hussain. Pakistan info@munwa.com http://www.munwa.com
After visiting your site we have came to know that you are importer of Highland Wears & Following products. Men Tartan Klits Women Tartan Skirts. Hand Made Embroidered Badges & Their Accessories Highland Uniform Accessories Scottish Wear's Drum Major'
Ahmed Ali Pakistan info@ziwaint.com http://www.ziwaint.com
Manufacturer & Exporter for Embroidered Badges/Patches, Caps & Uniform Accessories,
Eric Gragnic FRANCE dasboot@club-internet.fr
Submarine collector
Ricamo Fregi & Bandiere Italy ricamofregi&bandiere@gmail.com http://ricamofregi.com/
Jose Manel España basamontes@gmail.com
Ricardo Luque Honduras ricardoluque72@hotmail.com http://www.facebook.com/ricardo.luque.92/photos_albums
Airborne, NATO, Military, Police and Air Force. I dont buy only Trade please.
LEO DIVING ECUADOR reivaj80002000@hotmail.com
Sasha Serbia kokanovichpfc@yahoo.com
trade patches and badges from Serbia
Wim van Wegen Dutch Marine Netherlands qpo70@dutchmarines.com http://Mariniers-webshop.nl
all about Marines and special forces all over the world
Андрей Ukraine tkachenko_van@optima.com.ua
Kenny Lin Taiwan kenny228226@gmail.com http://collectorkenny.blogspot.com
patch collection
Geldhof Johnny Belgiun johnnygeldhof@hotmail.com http://royal navy section belge
I collect Hats: Barets :Caps From Navy and Marine Corps and Naval Infantry And Sailors uniforms Admirals uniforms ;Marines uniforms ;Sub badges and diver badges
Greg Izdebski Poland gregizdebski@gmail.com
have navy insignia for swap mostly us navy
cornand ramon france cornandr@yahoo.fr
I collect : abn wing/underwater badges/sniper badges
Greg Izdebski Poland gregizdebski@gmail.com
collect navy insignia worldwide
PARK YOUN HONG SOUTH KOREA pyh0544@naver.com http://rokmc544.com/
We sell KOREA military items to worldwide
Ulf Omar Gjersøyen Norway ulf_omar@yahoo.no
Peter Schmidt Germany geschichtsverein@gmx.de http://militariafair-ebernhahn.npage.co.uk/
About 50 exhibitors offer a wide range of historical military items, collectors weapons and other historical collectibles.
Ricardo Luque Honduras ricardoluque72@hotmail.com http://coleccionistamilitaria.jimdo.com/
Army, Navy, Air Force, Especial Forces, Military Coins, Wings,Parachute, and Police Badges and Patches.
Wim van Wegen Dutch Marine The Netherlands qpo70@DutchMarines.com
Mike Brookins USA mlbrookins@aol.com
Submarine Pin Collector
Chris Griggs USA hatchettcreekcases@yahoo.com http://hatchettcreekcases.com
display cases for badge collectors
Кадничанский Дмитрий Украина dimakad@ukr.net
береты десантников и морских пехотинцев
Hans The Czech republic hans@email.cz
aiborne berets
John Kerr USA johnkerr1775@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Worldwide-Marines/166880730028366
New email I am a collector of Marine Corps and Naval Infantry insignia
Chris Walker USA chriswalker7384@yahoo.com
I collect submarine badges
juan pablo argentina teysseire1972@hotmail.com
camo and combat uniforms
Howard USA hwevers@charter.net
Collector of world wide Marine and Naval Infantry insignia. sorry for repeat.
Howard USA hwevers@charter.net
CARBONELL ANTONIO FRANCE paratoni2001@yahoo.fr http://airborne badge
parawings metal
CARBONELL ANTONIO FRANCE paratoni2001@yahoo.fr
parawings metal
Bilal Akbar '''''' Rare Stone Ind bilal@rarestone-ind.com http://www.rarestone-ind.com
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm Amy Amara correspondant of RareStone Industries metal unit we are making metal badges, metal buttons, ww2 medal supplies, metal accessories, chamionship belts etc etc.... Please feel free to write back if you
sarah matthew GHANA-WEST AFRICA sarahmatthew93@yahoo.fr
sale police patches, airforces patches navy patches, military patches
AJI INDONESIA redberet02@yahoo.com
beret collector
Pasi Setälä Finland pasi@luukku.com
Murat Gamsiz TURKEY murat2547@yahoo.com
Marine badges,parawings
Sascha Turk The Netherlands sealteam06@hotmail.com
George Belgium/USA georgeegli@hotmail.com
Godfried Stoop Netherlands g.stoop@ziggo.nl
vitor ferreira portugal vm.lagoa@gmail.com
special forces berets collector
vitalis dubininkas usa ddubininkiene@yahoo.com
Hello, I am collector of ELite units insignias,patches,badges worldwide
vitalis dubininkas usa ddubininkiene@yahoo.com
M. Islam BANGLADESH mislamg444@gmail.com
Hello, I am from Bangladesh. I collect Bi metalic coins and Bank notes. I can sell or exchange the Rare Bangladesh police item like Patches, Badges from my country. I also exchange many other collectible item from my country and W/W. If anybody intereste
M. Islam BANGLADESH mislamg444@gmail.com
Collector from BANGLADESH
Андрей Леонов Россия vesihiisi@yandex.ru
Я коллекционирую знаки различия военно-морского флота, береговой охраны и морской пехоты всех стран мира.
Ron Johnson United States graygarth@touchnc.net
I collect Foreign Marine berets and insignia.If you have any contact me!
Sergiy Kumalagov Ukraine kumalagov@yandex.ru http://www.military.biz.ua
I'm world wide military collector. Ukraine uniform, helmets, equipment, tactical vest, headwear, badges and patches
adji indonesia redberet02@yahoo.com
i collect the worldwide beret and jumpwings
adji indonesia redberet02@yahoo.com
JUNG Baek Chul South KOREA sealteam8@hanmail.net
I collect world's elite forces metal badges.
ANTÓNIO E. S. CARMO PORTUGAL anelsuca@hotmail.com
I collect world wide parachute wings and all badges with parachute.
Dion Desembriarto Indonesia desembriarto@hotmail.com http://desembriarto.multiply.com
I collect worldwide military and police insignias
Liam England liam@militarysniperinsignia.co.uk http://www.militarysniperinsignia.com
I collect International Military Sniper Insignia (new/used)
Roberto Lopez-Perez USA roblopez311@yahoo.com
Paul Downey Ireland peedy@indigo.ie
Benny Antares Indonesia beniantares@gmail.com http://beniantares.multiply.com
John Kerr USA johnkerr1775@comcast.net
I am a collector of Marine Corps and Naval Infantry insignia (badges and patches)
Chuck Patterson USA cpatterson@mofo.com
Sasa Kokanovic Serbia kokanpfc@yahoo.com
I am collector of Serbian and worldwide militaria,mainly Legion breast badges, parawings and air forces patches. I have for trade Yugoslavia/Serbia and Montenegro navy beret badges(sailor and officer),also navy visor hats cloth patches.
Oleg Grigoriadi Russia oooizmp@mail.ru
Marine Badges,Stamps,Postcards from all over the World
Alexander Cherednik Russia desant68@rambler.ru http://parainsignia.narod.ru
I collect French parachutist insignias and patches
Alexei Kolosov UK skirgaila@mail.ru http://www.marinesinsignia.webs.com
Marine banges from all over the World
Philippe Matia France beretcollector@yahoo.fr http://community.webshots.com/user/Beretcollector
Berets Collector

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