Tongan Royal Marines


Provide an operational ready reaction force, equipped and trained with the intent to respond militarily to limited low level emergencies, assist the Tongan Navy in carrying out audits of the territorial seas, civil defense, and promotion of the defense socio-economic roles.


The Commandant of the Tongan Marines since 2001 is Major Siamelie Latu. Previous positions held during his career include Commanding Officer, Tongan Royal Guards, South Pacific Peacekeeping Mission, Commander, Air Wing, and Commander, Training Unit, Tongan Defense Services.

Issues of Primary Concern

The improvement and strengthening of the Land Force amphibious capabilities in order to respond militarily to low level emergencies, and the development of its military bilateral ties with the USMC in combined exercises such as Exercise Tafakula and RIMPAC.

Organization and Capabilities

The Land Force is organized into three elements (Tonga Royal Guards, Royal Tonga Marine and the Combined Log and Tech Support unit). The Land Force provides important assistance to national progress, and shall continue to promote and maintain its proven capabilities in carrying out the interest of the Kingdom of Tonga. A summary of the capabilities of the Tonga Defense Services' Land Force is:

  • In military operations the Land Force is able to respond militarily to limited minimal and low level emergencies, assist the Navy in carrying out limited maritime operations, provide beneficial military training, and carry out ceremonial duties.
  • In its non-military activities the Land Force carries out civil defense roles, conducts technical projects, establishes communication (radio) networks, and conducts technical trade training.

Weapons and Equipment

50 Cal Machine Gun, Galil AR 5.56mm, Galil ARM 5.56mm, M16A2 Carbine. UZI 9mm, Mini UZI 9mm, Glock 17 9mm pistol.

2002 year