Royal Thai Marine Corps


The mission of the Royal Thai Marine Corps, under the leadership of the Commandant, is to provide trained combat ready forces for the defense of the Royal Thai Kingdom.


Vice Admiral Terdsak Satienswasdi was appointed Commandant of the Royal Thai Marine in October 2001. Positions held during his career:

  • 3rd Squadron Commander, Naval Air Wing
  • Deputy Chief Of Staff, Marine Division, RTMC
  • Director Civil Affairs, RTN HQTRS
  • Chief of Staff, Marine Division, RTMC -Deputy Chief of Staff, RTMC
  • Advisor National Defense Institute
  • Special Advisor CINC RTN

Issues of Primary Concern

Continuous negative impact of 1997 Kingdom of Thailand Economic Crisis on RTMC procurement and ability to maintain existing equipment. Difficulties maintaining interoperability with ever increasing advances in US military automated and information technologies. Implementing "Smart buyer and Smart user" procedures. Research and development should be promoted and enhanced

Organization and Capabilities

The Royal Thai Marine Corps has approximately 25,000 personnel and is comprised of a Headquarters Element, one Marine Division that includes two Infantry Regiments (1st and 3rd), an Artillery Regiment, a support Regiment, a Tank Battalion a Reconnaissance Battalion, an Engineer Battalion, a Communication Battalion, an AAV Battalion, and an and Tank Company, an Education and Training Center, a Security Regiment, a Psychological Operations Company, and Marine Volunteer Irregular Forces. The RTMC also have personnel assigned to border defense task forces comprised of RTMC and local Border Patrol Police.

Weapons and Equipment

The majority of weapons and equipment which are used by the Royal Thai Marine Corps are either compatible to or are the same as USMC weapons systems and equipment, such as M16A1, M60 machine gun, .50 cal MG, MK 19, M240 squad automatic weapon (SAW), 60mm (M224) and 81mm mortar, anti tank weapons (Dragon and Tow), 105mm howitzer and the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV).

2002 year