The Republic of Korea Marine Corps


The Republic of Korea Marine Corps (aka ROK Marine Corps / ROK Marines, ROKMC, Korean Hangul: 대한민국 해병대, Hanja: 大韓民國海兵隊, Revised Romanization: Dae-Han-min-guk Haebyeongdae) is the marine corps of the Republic of Korea. Though theoretically it is under the direction of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Marine Corps operates as a distinct arm of the military of South Korea, unlike most other "Marine" military organisations, which generally function as part of their respective national navies. It was founded as a reconnaissance group just before the Korean War. The ROKMC also saw action during the Vietnam War while stationed in Danang, sometimes fighting alongside the USMC or U.S. Navy SEALs.

Organization and Capabilities

The ROKMC has approximately 29,000 personnel, and is organized into two divisions and one brigade under Headquarters Republic of Korea Marine Corps and primarily dedicated to protecting the nation's islands.

It has such responsibilities as landing operations, accomplished in coordination with the ROKN using landing craft, surface fleets and aircraft. ROK Marines have the ability to accomplish a variety of missions including ground battles, special fighting scenarios, facility protection and security services. To execute amphibious operations, it possesses a range of amphibious equipment, including amphibious vehicles, as well as its own means of fire support. A major naval evolution during Foal Eagle 2000, an annual combined U.S. and Republic of Korea (ROK) exercise, was an amphibious assault launched by U.S. and ROK Marines from U.S. Navy ships belonging to 7th Fleet's permanently forward-deployed Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) based in Japan.


  • Yeonpyeong Unit (연평부대)
  • Education and Training Group (교육훈련단)
  • Amphibious Support Group (상륙지원단)
  • 1st Marine Division (1해병사단)
  • 1st Tank Battalion: equipped K1 MBT
  • 1st Assault Amphibian Vehicle Battalion: equipped KAAV7A1
  • 1st Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 1st Engineer Battalion
  • 1st Support Battalion
  • 2nd Marine Regiment
  • 3rd Marine Regiment
  • 7th Marine Regiment
  • 1st Marine Artillery Regiment: equipped K55 SPH / KH179 TH
  • 2nd Marine Division (2해병사단)
  • 2nd Tank Battalion: equipped M48A3K
  • 2nd Assault Amphibian Vehicle Battalion: equipped KAAV7A1
  • 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 2nd Engineer Battalion
  • 2nd Support Battalion
  • 1st Marine Regiment
  • 5th Marine Regiment
  • 8th Marine Regiment
  • 2nd Marine Artillery Regiment: equipped K55 SPH / KH179 TH
  • 6th Marine Brigade (6해병여단) HQ Kumhwa
  • 6th Amphibious Reconnaissance Co
  • 5 Island Garrisons in the West Sea