Corpo de Fuzileiros


Portuguese Naval Infantry, which is simply called in Portugal as the Fusilier Corps (Port. Corpo de Fuzileiros), represents special forces as part of Portuguese Naval Forces. The Corps includes a regiment and is engaged to carry out amphibious operations, coastal reconnaissance operations, and take part in peace-keeping operations. The Regiment, as part of Portuguese Naval Infantry, also has special units.

Organization and Capabilities

Marine Corps Command (Port. Comando do Corpo de Fuzileiros)

  • Marine Battalion No. 1 (Port. Batalhao de Fuzileiros No.1)
  • Marine Battalion No. 2 (Port. Batalhao de Fuzileiros No.2)
  • Fire Support Company (Port. Companhia de Apoio de Fogos)
  • Tactical Transportation Support Company (Port. Companhia de Apoio de Transporte Tacticos)
  • Disembarkation Vehicles Unit (Port. Unidade de Meios de Desembarque)
  • Naval Police Unit (Port. Unidade de Policia Naval)
  • Special Forces Detachment (Port. Destacamento de Accoes Especiais)
  • Naval Base (Port. Base de Fuzileiros)
  • Naval Infantry School (Port. Escola de Fuzileiros)