San Marco Marines (Italy)


To provide versatile and permanent high combat readiness landing force, able to be quickly deployed and projected from the sea, in order to conduct conventional military operations and military operations other than war.


The force that is part of the Italian Navy fleet is commanded by RADM Roberto Paperini, who will be relieved by RADM Sirio Lanfredini, this coming 8 October 2002.

Issues of Primary Concern

To consolidate the force structure in order to meet, as a small but well trained and balanced landing force, the challenges of the future, being able to operate in national single service, joint, and multinational contexts.

Organization and Capabilities

Following the 1999 Italian Navy reorganization, the landing force is structured in one deployable regiment, one training and logistic regiment, one assault boat group and one amphibious helo squadron, who's operational control, during operation or major exercises, is held by the force commander. The manpower is about 2,000 Navy riflemen. The force is task organized, mission oriented and joint and combined capable.

Weapons and Equipment

The landing force is the maneuvering component of the Italian Navy Amphibious Force that may be articulated in 3 "LPD," the CV "Garibaldi" for "C4I" and fixed and rotary wing support, and other naval assets for escort and naval gun fire support.
The major weapons systems organic to the force are the 120mm and 81mm mortars and anti-armor and anti-air portable weapons. The "LVTP7" and "VCC1" provide amphibious combat mobility. Ship to shore movements are assured by "LVTP7," LCM," helos and various types of crafts.

2002 year