Fusiliers de Marine


The Fusiliers Marins (Naval Infantry) are units specialised in the protection and defence of key sites of the French Navy on land. They consist of about 1,800 men.

Organization and Capabilities

Their deployments include:

  • One group(sized as battalion) in the naval station of Toulon and another the naval station of Brest, both with a "reinforcement and Intervention Group"(sized as a Company) to reinforce the protection of any particular building, place, or ship.
  • Seven companies scattered around metropolitan territory: one in the naval station of Cherbourg, one in every site of the FOST (Île Longue, France-sud, Rosnay and Sainte Assise) and one on each of the naval air stations of Lann Bihoué and Nîmes-Garons.
  • They also protect the DOM/TOM where interarm transmission stations are located.


The missions of the Fusiliers Marins are:

  • Missions on shores from the sea
  • Support of the commandos marine during special operations
  • Protection of sensitive sites of the Navy
  • Protection of the ships and security aboard.
  • Military Instruction in french navy schools

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